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Quality Assurance : Reflections - Prospects - Aspirations

Background & Context

Established in 2007, NAQAAE has been considered a cornerstone in educational reform. NAQAAE, by virtue of its mandate, is entrusted with disseminating the culture and good practices of quality, setting quality standards and evaluating educational programs and institutions against them. Hence the ultimate goal of NAQAAE is assuring the quality of educational outcomes and building national and international trust in them.

In its quest to achieve its objectives, NAQAAE adopted a vision that situates it as an agent for change and a partner, rather than a censor to educational institutions. Thus, NAQAAE has always been keen on strengthening its partnership with stakeholders, widening its international relations and alliances and coping with international advances in the fields of qualifications and quality assurance.

Tackling national strategic issues in education and addressing the current and anticipated challenges of the rapidly changing education arena are at the core of NAQAAE’s interests. Hence, NAQAAE’s annual International Conference is one of its main means to discuss these issues and challenges with a wide base of stakeholders.

Ten years after its inception, NAQAAE as a learning organization is keen to reflect with all stakeholders on the progress achieved in quality assurance of education, the obstacles we have met on our joint quest for quality as well as the challenges we are facing and the means to overcome them. Together we will contemplate on our aspirations for high quality Egyptian education and draw a road map to bring those aspirations into reality … to transform the dreams into collaborative actions. Hence the choice of NAQAAE’s 5th International Conference theme " Quality Assurance of Education: Reflections… Prospects…Aspirations”.

NAQAAE’s Fifth International conference is posing the following and other questions for wide stakeholders discussion:

  • What is the impact of quality assurance on educational institutions, educators and students?
  • Education for all … can we turn the slogan into reality?
  • What is quality assurance of education from the employers’ perspective?
  • How can we further promote the paradigm shift to competency-based education?
  • What challenges does Internationalization of Education pose to quality assurance?
  • How can we build more tools for trust and recognition in qualifications?
  • How effective is international networking in building trust in qualifications?
  • Education and innovation, what promises does TVET hold?
  • Autonomy of the higher education institutions: is quality assurance a threat?


  • 1. Sharing experiences and disseminating good practices in quality assurance of education .
  • 2. Increasing NAQAAE visibility at National and International levels.
  • 3. Initiating wide stakeholder consultation on Pre-University and Technical Schools Standards.
  • 4. Exploring methods to improve the response of education to current and future labor market needs
  • 5. Engaging stakeholders in the development of Sectoral Frameworks.
  • 6. Strengthening partnerships at National and International Levels.


  • •Impact of Quality Assurance.
  • •Internationalization of Quality Assurance.
  • •Leading the change: from objective to reflective self-assessment.
  • Improving the response of education to current and future labor market needs.
  • •The future of quality assurance of education.
  • •Education for All .
  • •Qualifications Frameworks .


    NAQAAE is expecting the participation of over 400 participants. Participants will be representatives of all levels and types of education in Egypt, representatives of the Ministries of Education and Technical Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Al-Azhar, TVET Policy makers, training providers, public and private universities’ leaderships, international experts in quality assurance of education as well as representatives of a number of Arab and European QA agencies.

Date &Venue

    22 – 23 April 2018 Conrad Hotel, Cairo

Format/ methods

    The Conference will include opening and closing plenary sessions, interactive roundtables, as well as multi-stakeholder panel discussions about selected topics. Official Languages: Arabic/English Arabic/English interpretation will be available.
Workshops Registration
Three workshops will be held at the same venue.

Conference Agenda

Day 1 Sunday 22 April 2018 
08:30 — 09:30

Registration and Refreshment.

09:30 — 10:00

Opening Session: Welcome Speeches.

Dr.Youhansen Eid : President NAQAAE
H.E.Abbas Shoman : Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Representative
H.E. Dr. Mokhtar Gomaa : Minister of Endowment
H.E.Dr.Khaled Abdel Ghafaar : Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
H.E.Dr.Tarek Shawki: Minister of Education and Technical Education
10:00 — 10:30


10:30 — 12:00
Plenary Session: “Reflections and Prospects of Quality Assurance”
Chair: Dr. Youssef Rashed, Secretary General of SCU - Dr. Seddik Abdel Salam, Secretary General of SCPU

• Reflections on Quality Assurance: 10 Years NAQAAE
Dr. Youhansen Eid, President NAQAAE – Egypt
• Partnership and Quality Assurance for TVET Education
Dr. Sherry Carlin is the USAID Mission Director in Egypt
• Autonomy and Social Accountability: Is Quality Assurance a Threat
Dr. Judith Eaton, President Council for Higher Education Accreditation,USA
• Reflections and Prospects of Educational Reform in Egypt
Dr. Hossam Badrawi, Chairman, Badrawi Foundation for Education and Development, EGYPT

12:00 — 12:30


12:30 — 02:00

Plenary Session: Reflections, Prospects and Aspirations: A Regional Perspective
Chair: Dr. Youhansen Eid President NAQAAE – Dr. Ahmed El Gohary, President EJUST, Tuning Africa Project Management Committee

• Reflections on Quality Assurance Trends in the Gulf Area
Dr. Badr Abul Ela, President ANQAHE - UAE
• Trends in Quality Assurance: Risk Based Approach
Dr. Douglas Blackstock, Chairman QAA – UK • Egypt-EU Partnership in Developing the TVET Sector
Dr. Dalia Salem, Ministry of Trade and Industry - EGYPT
• The Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 16-25) and Agenda 2063
Dr. Youhannes Woldestine African Union Council (AUC)

02:00 — 03:00


Signing of the MOU NAQAAE and CIQG
03:00 — 04:30

Breakout Session: Prospects: The Future of Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Chair: Dr. Azza Agha Vice President NAQAAE, Dr. Nadia Badrawi Board Member NAQAAE

• The Future of Higher Education and Prospects for Quality Assurance
Dr. Jamil Salmi, Global Tertiary Education Expert
Panel Discussants:
Dr. Judith Eaton, Dr. Badr Abul Ela, Dr. Ashraf Hatem, Dr. Hossam Badrawi
03:00 — 06:00

Breakout Workshop: Prospects: Stakeholders Perspective on Sectoral Frameworks Development
Coordinator: Lynn Stanton Key Expert Capacity Building TVETII.

• Introducing Qualifications Frameworks
• Sectoral Frameworks
• Sectoral Group Assignments
Day 2Monday 23 April 2018 
09:30 — 11:00

Plenary Session: “Prospects and Trends of Quality Assurance”
Chair: Dr. Somaya Hosny, Board Member NAQAAE – Dr. Roman Luckscheiter Director DAAD Cairo Office

• What challenges does Internationalization of Higher Education Pose to Quality Assurance
Dr. Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic, Senior Advisor CHEA and Former Head of higher Education, UNESCO France
• Impact of Quality Assurance on Education and Challenges of International Recognition
Dr. David Gordon, President World Federation for Medical Education
• Joint Programs: Prospects for Recognition and Accreditation Challenges
Dr. Doris Hermann, Managing Director AQAS, Germany
• Education for All: Challenges and Potentials
Ms. Rosangela Berman Bieler, Chief, Disability Section - Program Division - UNICEF NYHQ

11:00 — 11:30


11:30 — 01:00

Breakout Session: Prospect of QA in Higher Education
Chair: Dr. Hussein Khaled, Former Minister of Higher Education - Dr. Sohair Sharawy Board Member NAQAAE

• Quality Assurance of Al-Azhar University: A lesson to learn and a Success to Share
Dr. Ragia Taha, Vice President NAQAAE for Al-Azhar Education
• The Role of NAQAE in Enhancing Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Dr. Azza Agha, Vice President NAQAAE for Higher Education
• The Flip-Classroom Model
Dr. Somaya Hosny NAQAAE Board Member – EGYPT

11:30 — 01:00

Break-Out Session: Pre- University: Prospects of QA
Chair: Dr. Naguib Khozam, Board Member NAQAAE - Dr. Zeinab El Naggar Professor Faculty of Education Ain Shams University

• Reflections and Prospects of TVET Sector Development
Dr. Ahmed El Geushy, Deputy Minister of Education and Technical Education for Technical Education
• Presenting the Standards and Guidelines for Pre-University Accreditation
Dr. Alaa Abdel Ghafar, Vice President NAQAAE for Pre-University Education
• Trends of Pre-University Education: Lessons Learnt from the Japanese Model
Dr. Reda Hegazy, Director of General Education Ministry of Education and Technical Education
• Trends of Quality Assurance in Al-Azhar Pre-University Institutes
Dr. Al-Hodhod, Former President of Al-Azhar University
01:00 — 02:00


02:00 — 03:30

Breakout Session: Prospects and Trends of QA in HE
Chair: Dr. Ragia Taha, Vice President NAQAAE – Dr. Hoda El Talawy Board Member NAQAAE

• Recent Trends for Higher Education Quality Assurance in Europe".
Dr. Mostafa Radwan - Higher Education Reform Expert
• UNESCO Chair for Quality Assurance in Education
Dr. Ghazy Abdel Aziz el Sadhan - UNESCO
• HEI Graduate Attributes in Saudi Arabia: The Case Study of Imam Mohamed Ibn Seoud University
Dr. Adel Hussein Abu Yazeed - Saudi Arabia
02:00 — 03:30

Breakout Session: Aspirations for TVET Education
Chair: Dr. Alaa Abdel Ghafaar, Vice President NAQAAE – Dr. Sahar El-Marsafy Board Member NAQAAE

• Standards for TVET School Accreditation: The Roadmap.
Dr. Youhansen Eid, President NAQAAE
• Methodology and Engaging Stakeholders: A Recipe for Success
Joseph Ghanem, Chief of Party, Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement (WISE)
• Competitiveness index
Mohamed Fawzy Hussein, WISE DCOP/TVET Technical Leader
03:30 — 04:30

Closing Session: Aspiration in Quality Assurance: A Roadmap to Educational Reform

Conclusion & Recommendations.


  • Prof.
    Youhansen Aid

    NAQAAE's President

  • Prof.
    Azza Agha

    Higher Education Vice President

  • Prof.
    Ragia Taha

    Azhar Vice President

  • Prof.
    Alaa Abd ElGhfar

    Pre Education Vice

Conference Venue

Conrad Hotel - Cairo.
Cairo, Egypt.



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